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How to write in the present tense

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It talks about facts, current situations and repeated actions in the present, as well as scheduled future actions. To conjugate a verb in the French present tense, we add specific endings to the infinitive of the verb depending on whether it ends in -er, -ir or -re. Il joue au football depuis cinq ans. To conjugate French verbs in the present tense, we remove the infinitive ending -er, -ir or -re and add the following endings:. The majority of -ir verbs belong to type 1, which means that the plural forms add -iss- before the present tense endings:. Note: the verbs venir and tenir are completely irregular.

Present Continuous Tense Examples

Definition and Examples of the Historical Present Tense

Understanding how to use writing tenses is challenging. How do you mix past, present and future tense without making the reader giddy? Read this simple guide for answers to these questions and more:. The simple tense merely conveys action in the time narrated. For example:.

What Is the Historical Present (Verb Tense) in English?

What tense should be used in academic essays is a topic that sparks debate among some people. It is sometimes appropriate to use the present tense in academics if it is executed properly. The present tense conveys what is happening now. However, the present tense can also be used to convey future times as well as past times, depending on the form of the present tense used.
What are the pros and cons of writing a story or novel in present tense? Before you start writing your novel or short story, you need to decide what tense to write it in. There is no right or wrong but the choice you make will determine your approach. Will your story recount events that have already taken place Lucy waited by the door or will it be set in an ongoing present Lucy waits by the door?

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