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Procrastination is something all college students have mastered throughout the years. We all wait until the last minute to write our five-page paper that was assigned two months ago. We think we have better things to be doing rather than our homework, but when it comes down to it college is all about school work. So instead of scrolling YouTube to find a funny video to distract yourself, think about all the thoughts that will run through your mind when you figure out just how much work you actually have to do.

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Working Moms Share What It's Like To Parent And Work During COVID

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Needless to say, many working moms are being left to choose between childcare and their careers. And those who haven't or can't leave their jobs are struggling between parenting and working. Then, I try so hard to focus on working from 8 to 5 p. However, it still feels incredibly uneven and deeply unfair. Even now, to see the silver lining approaching, I worry.
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