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Watermarking paper companies

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In John Marshall revolutionised the watermark process and made it easier for producers to watermark their paper, whilst new technologies have evolved over the years to further prevent tampering, counterfeiting, or otherwise duplicating sensitive and valuable documents. As materials technology has developed, likewise the ability copy and fraudulently alter documents has unfortunately gained momentum as well. It has therefore been essential for security printers to keep at least one step ahead of both the opportunist and professional counterfeiter. The base of many secure documents is the material on which they are produced and the controls surrounding its availability. Most security papers incorporate features that can act to identify or authenticate a document as original, e.

Watermarking/job annotation

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Based in Taiwan, Puli Paper Mfg. With time and dedication, Puli Paper is the largest producer of specialty paper in Taiwan and serves countless clients around the world. Sold to more than 65 countries, a wide selection of paper goods, including floral paper, tea bag paper, watermark paper, craft paper, corrugated paper, gift wrapping paper, overlay paper and art paper supplies, customized wholesale paper products are available as well. Fast shipping, reasonably priced paper goods that are provided in bulk for your home or office with high quality production process, Puli Paper has been offering customers wholesale paper products, both with advanced paper goods manufacturing technology and 41 years of experience, Puli Paper ensures each customer's demands are met. Watermark Paper supplied by Puli Paper company is a paper with pattern created while papermaking, the pattern is embedded in the paper itself and it cannot be removed by any techniques or be copied by copier or scanner. Such characteristic makes watermark one of the used methods to identify the authenticity of a documents, but not limited to use this paper for anti-fake documents, it is popular also in gift wrapping market.

Digital watermarking

Watermarking is a feature that allows text to be written to every page in a print job. You can write the text to the top or bottom of a page, in a custom location such as the middle of the page , or over the entire page. Watermarking is a powerful and flexible feature.
As the Medieval period gave way to the Renaissance, the papermakers of southern Europe were the first to use watermarks extensively. In view of the fact that it is believed that the heretical religious sects were the first to embrace papermaking, it is possible that the images they created in their watermarks possessed religious symbolism. Watermarks produced by the Cartiere Miliani Mill in the Italian papermaking town of Fabriano, the oldest continuously operated papermill in Italy, have been dated to the year

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