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Enron ethics essay

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White collar crime refers to the peaceful offense committed with the intention of gaining unlawful monetary benefits. There are several white collar crimes that can be committed. They include extortion, insider trading, money laundering, racketeering, securities fraud, and tax evasion. Enron Company was an American based energy company. It was the largest supplier of natural gas in America in the early s.

Ethics on Enron

Ethics of Enron - Term Paper

The attributions that cause learned helplessness are internal, stable, and global Weiner, B, An internal attribution means the cause of an event as something to do with the person, but not to the outside world. For instance, if you think that you failed the test because you are stupid, then that is an internal attribution. On the other hand, if you are blaming the test was hard, which is out of your control to make you failed, then that is an external attribution.

Ethical Ethics Of Enron

The Company AIG was a company that had risen to the top through unethical procedures and acts. The company became a big financial giant in the insurance industry and later added the subprime mortgages to its portfolio that increased its profits into the billions. They came under investigation by the SEC because they thought they were reporting profits wrong. There was an accounting fraud, meaning financial records were fixed so that it may seem that everything is to keep Dennis and the others in the clear.
The lessons from the collapse of Enron on ethical standards will never fade. However, in just three months all the gains were lost culminating in the biggest bankruptcy case of the time. The Enron scandal was caused by a business culture that promoted unethical practices Jennings, On top of that none of the responsible parties — i.

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