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Essay on pursuit of happiness movie

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The Pursuit of Happiness is a movie about a struggling salesperson who takes custody of his son, as he is ready to begin a life-changing experience. Will Smith, who plays Chris Gardner, is a great man deep down and just wants to do right, but everything just seems to be falling apart at the same time. Chris causes financial difficulties for his family by losing his current job and then has troubles with his relationship with his wife that leaves him and moves to New York. Without money and wife, Chris is totally committed to his son Christopher. Will Smith portrays Chris Gardner, a character who has strong wisdom as a single father and desperately wants to do right without complaints and his only hope is drifting away when everything meaningful falls apart at the same time leaving Chris bruised and battered.

Analysis Of The Movie ‘ The Pursuit Of Happiness ‘ Essay

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In this movie, what we learn is not just the positive psychology theory or any concept stated in the textbook, what we learn is the true face of this society as well. In this movie, we learn that how your born out is does not matter, the crucial point is the process of how you fulfil your life and how you reach the point that you will not regret when it comes to the time you passed away. In a race, that is does not matter how the starting point of you, the process of how you reach the end point is more important. The background of Michael Oher is worse than other, but his positive trait, which is persistent help him to reach his target he never expects it. Jekyll, person versus self conflict to illustrate this point. Throughout the text, the reader learns that Dr. Jekyll was born into good fortune and was well-respected in society.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. In response to our assignment to identify the type of attachment between Chris and his son, our group identified patterns that matched well with multiple theories. John Bowlby is credited for origination works on the Attachment Theory.
This movie so emotional, powerful of love, hope, educative, happiness. I state you will not regret it to watch. Willy wants to become a great man in life and fails on numerous occasions. Willy works his whole life to achieve success, but finds it very difficult to achieve. He never ends up finding it.

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